F*** This Music S***!

I don't know about you guys but I'm f***ing frustrated. I feel information about the music business is purposefully obfuscated and convoluted to either a) increase barriers to entry, b) get you to pay money for something you will ultimately not use because of the rapidity of obsolescence or c) irritate the VERY TIP of my last perilously hanging nerves. No one, I repeat, NO ONE has the time, patience, or gatdamn wherewithal to sit through your live seminars, 3-day-long "expos", braggadocio and grandstanding "I-did-it-so-you-can-too", circle-jerk zoom or genndi, or whatever-the-f*** webinars for hours on end or call in or buy your new-fangled formula/method/book/whatever! This IS NOT rocket science. We live in an age where our eyes, ears, and minds are perpetually being bombarded with a flood of information. This one space, this ONE bastion of sanity and peace and creative expression that is Music should NOT be the place where we go to learn that we are NOT good enough, not "on-it" enough, not focused enough to make it in the business. If you want to truly help Artists, how about you make ACTUAL, factual "how to" guides that don't frustrate people or leave them with even more unanswered questions? Is it too much to ask that when you purposefully increase your SEO ranking so that someone finds you via a search engine, that you actually answer the question they searched for?


I don't know.


I'm getting to the point where I'm going to start making these guides and sharing them. If the Internet is a universal leveler, I see no reason why those who have true talent for music will be either frustrated by lack of funds, lack of interest from industry people, or a recurring search for "fans" that need constant stimulation to even pay attention to a 2 to 3 minute song that they often don't pay a dime for but love to criticize. 


It isn't rocket science. It's Music. I WILL figure this s*** out and I will share my knowledge in a straightforward, no-bulls*** way for people with tired brains like mine. I'm thousands deep in expenditure blown on training because I want to make this work. So far however, I'm yet to see a training that's truly useful. 


I have the Talent. I have the Creativity. I'll learn this business. So help me.