Lush West African Polyphony Meets Pop Sensibility”




Nigeria-born Singer-Songwriter, .aMAHa. has a voice and style that is at once deeply African and Cosmopolitan. Vocally reminiscent of Afropop legends Miriam Makeba and high energy Angelique Kidjo she gives homage to her roots with a modern, pop sensibility. High-key talented but low-key shy, the  took the Corporate route while nursing her creative endeavors from talent competitions to self-funded album releases. Eventually, she dabbled in open mics and surprised others and herself with her emotive voice and unique delivery. Her music fuses complex, largely West African syncopation and ​multi-layered ​ polyphony with Jazz and Pop fluidity crafting a new, deliciously rich and sumptuous sound. Her writing is brave, poetic, and fresh.

.aMAHa.'s upcoming album shares an intimate, introspective look at the journey towards redemption. With several upcoming singles, .aMAHa. is poised to take the sonic world by storm and continue bridging the gap between African Music and modern innovation. She invites you into that private, peaceful, playful, inner world - one of honest introspection and Joy.